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Version 1 - Let Me Fall's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Version 1 - Let Me Fall

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[26 Jul 2005|02:07pm]

I just made an awesome Icon Contest community for Instant Star, you should join.
Sorry for the promotion.

[19 Jul 2005|03:45pm]
1. 2.
3. 4.

x-posted to my journal.
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Icons! [18 Jul 2005|02:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

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[17 Jul 2005|09:29pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Two icons...Collapse )

Sorry I only have two... I was making the second one and had type the 'instant star' text up in paint and paste it into PSP... I don't know why... I don't know my whole computer is messed up today and I don't know why... So if I don't post any icons within the next day I apologize =/ Anyways, I was planning on makeing more of the lyrics icons, so expect more of those eventually...

Excuse me while I go stab my computer :)

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[13 Jul 2005|09:40pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Welcome to the instantgraphics, the first LJ community specifically made for Instant Star graphics. Please check the rules, in our userinfo before joining. This community was made by fans of Instant Star, for fans of Instant Star, so if you don't watch the show, please, don't bother joining. Joining is moderated, meaning that we'll check your LJ, see if you comment on people, etc. This community is moderated, and closely watched to make sure all posts are on topic. We have 3 excellent graphic makers that will be posting in the community, and will take requests upon their discretion. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means when they feel like it. They are doing all of us a favor by making these icons for us, so appreciate them, comment, and credit. Occasionally, we'll open posting to everyone for icon/blends/FO banner challenges. Check back with us for some great graphics.

Your Mods,


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